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The all "Pree & Kree" stories started with a dream seen in 2017 by our founder Mr. Pritesh Chandrashekhar Chavan and Mr. Krishna Chandrashekhar Chavan of creating a world class garment company which would be grounded on the principles of excellence and comfort, since then the company has flourished to become a name recognised and respected not only for the superior quality of its products but also for its strong values.

eastern ability to learn continuosly and consistently has given us the flexibility and humbleness that is required for growth unchanging and challenging times to make fullfill the perfect requirement and needs of market. which was initially started as a "Pree & Kree" has now rapidly expanding to include all varieties of shirts like party wear, corporate wear, tailored fit and all special purpose fittings for tummy people. the company can today boost for an even growing for international client base for its entire range of products.

Driven by the vision to excel "Pree & Kree" has scaled great heights in the field of entrepreneurship. committed to advancement we continue to reinvent ourselves by meeting fresh challenges with innovative solutions standing firm on foundation of goodwill and trust. we are now surging ahead by venturing into new avenues.

In supporting any organisation is the team which forms its core. the company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision making which inturn ensures continues learning. Today we are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individual's who have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently.


we strive on our vision, mission and values


To be most trusted leader in global and indian retail industry by increasing customer base by offering valuable service through prompt delivery of quality products
To earn customer allegiance by investing in people and systems there by providing them with compitatively priced, eco-friendly garments of premier quality which are delivered on time consistantly



We are a standard certified company. we are determined to consistently improve our quality management system's by upgrading technology, capabilities and infrastructure. We continue to strive to provide superior. .


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we are Masters in Shirt Manufracturing. Watch our specialised products here

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